Do these 3 things if you hit an electric pole

Colliding with an electric pole can have life-threatening consequences, as a Texas family recently discovered. In a tragic incident, a 20-year-old man survived an impact with a utility pole only to die from electrocution after stepping outside his vehicle to survey damage. 

When you drive, you probably pass countless utility poles. You may not, though, understand what to do if you collide with one. Taking three simple steps may save your life. 

1. Call 911 and stay in your car

If you collide with an electric pole, you should stay inside your vehicle and call 911. After all, downed wires may be live, causing them to be an electrocution risk to you. Even if wires are far away, the ground may be carrying a potentially deadly electrical current. 

2. Notify others

Following the crash, friendly Ohioans may stop to help. They may not, however, recognize the inherent danger. Accordingly, you should shout a warning to anyone who is trying to approach. Advise individuals to stay away and wait for emergency responders to arrive. 

3. Jump free

Sometimes, remaining in a crashed vehicle is impossible. If your car is on fire or otherwise dangerous, you must exit it. You should be careful not to complete the circuit by touching your car and the ground at the same time. Instead, jump free from the vehicle and land on both feet. 

After you jump free, shuffle your feet until you are at least 30 feet away from the accident scene. Remember, hitting a utility pole can be stressful, so rehearsing jumping and shuffling before a collision occurs is a good idea.