Do you know these signs of nursing home financial abuse?

When you placed your aging mother or father in an Ohio nursing home, you hoped the professionals there would take great care of your loved one. Rather than physical abuse, you may harbor concerns of a different misdeed. Could your parent be a victim of financial abuse?

To get a better sense of the potential situation, see what Nursing Home Abuse Support says about financial exploitation in nursing homes. Your loved one does not have to suffer in silence.

Sudden changes to financial documents

If you have access to your parent’s finances and legal documents, look over them for unexplained or sudden changes. Focus on items such as the power of attorney and will.

Odd bank withdrawals

Did your mother or father make any out-of-the-ordinary withdrawals since moving into the nursing home? Monitor retirement, savings and checking accounts for concerning activity.

Poor living conditions

While nursing home residents may live in rooms and spaces below their current financial means to save money, more sinister reasons could be at play. If your parent’s current living conditions are lower than what she or he enjoyed before moving into a nursing home, find out why.

A lack of medical devices

Sometimes, nursing home residents pay for walkers, CPAP machines and other mobility and medical devices that never arrive. If this is the case with your loved one, ask the nursing home staff why.

Taking generic medication while paying for brand name prescriptions

Related to paying for nonexistent medical devices, nursing home residents sometimes pay for brand name medication but receive generic prescriptions. Someone at the nursing home may pocket the difference between the brands.