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Helping You Move Forward After The Loss Of A Loved One

Losing a loved one is always a tragedy, especially when a loved one passes before their time. While nothing you can do will bring them home, you can get help paying for their medical and funerary expenses. A well-presented wrongful death case can offer you a sense of closure and can be a stepping stone toward a positive future.

John Brooks Cameron & Associates believes that justice and compassion go hand in hand. Your loved one’s passing is a difficult time emotionally. Let us guide you through this process. Ask us how we can help you by calling at (330)722-8989 .

When Is A Wrongful Death Lawsuit The Right Decision?

We know you have a lot to consider. You are not only facing large funeral and medical bills, but also facing the logistical challenges inherent to probate and other estate administration processes. First and foremost, we want to offer ourselves as a welcome place with a listening ear. A wrongful death case can be a major decision. We help you answer important questions like:

  • Was someone else’s reckless driving a contributing factor to your loved one’s passing?
  • If your loved one was in a care facility, is there evidence of abuse or neglect?
  • What expenses are eligible for compensation, and who is responsible for payment?

We strive to help you take some worry off your shoulders. Let us guide you through the legal system, so you can focus on your own emotional needs.

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