During the fall, many people struggle to adjust to new schedules. For example, parents may be having a hard time adjusting to their children’s school schedule, whether they have to wake up earlier to drive their kids to class or leave work early in order to pick their kids up from school or extracurricular activities. People may also work different hours during the fall, and there are many other reasons why schedules change during the fall (and other times of the year). It is important to note that these changes can increase the probability of traffic accidents.

There are a lot of different ways in which new schedules can make someone more likely to cause (or even be involved in) a car crash. For example, these changes can also affect one’s sleep, which may lead to driver fatigue. Someone who is not used to waking up so early may have more difficulty staying alert while they are on the road. People may also drive at different times of day which may carry a higher risk of traffic collisions. Moreover, drivers may be under a lot of pressure due to these changes, which could make them distracted or affect their driving abilities in other ways.

If you were involved in a crash that may have been caused by your schedule changing (or someone else who was adjusting to a different routine), it is important to look into what you can do to recover. If the accident was caused by another driver’s negligent behavior, it may be very important to consider your legal options.