Sometimes crime is not obvious. While it is clear when a violent crime occurs, crimes, such as defamation, may be trickier to detect. You may think something is not right, but not be quite sure if it is really breaking the law. That is why understanding such crimes is important. You should know how Ohio law defines a crime such as defamation so you can protect against it if it happens to you or avoid doing it if you ever find yourself in a situation where it could happen.

The Ohio State Bar Association explains defamation includes libel and slander, which are two different crimes themselves. Defamation is when someone puts out information about you that is not true and that could damage your reputation. Libel is when that information is written or otherwise broadcasted whereas slander is when the information is spoken.

With the growth of the internet, people often like to rant about others. If you start writing bad things about people you know or even those you do not, you could face some issues legally speaking. It is huge risk because there are subtle elements of the law that could mean you are in the wrong even if you have proof of the truth.

To prove libel or slander the other person has to show that whatever you said or wrote caused that his or her harm, that it is was a false statement and that someone else heard or read the statement. Now, if you simply state an opinion, then that is freedom of speech and legal. This information is for education and does not constitute legal advice.