Ohio residents who have gotten into car crashes may be dealing with a wide array of injuries. One particularly severe type is known as a crush injury. Depending on certain factors, these injuries and their complications have the ability to permanently alter your quality of life. 

As stated by Medline Plus, crush injuries can vary greatly in intensity and scope. Defined as any injury in which pressure is applied to body parts for a period of time, a crush injury can be the result of a number of different incidents. In a car crash, the most likely causes of these injuries are related to you being trapped between your car and the ground, or between two or more vehicles. 

Crush injuries have a number of harrowing complications and correlated injuries. This includes bruising, lacerations, fractures or breaks, and the chance of secondary infection. There is also something called compartment syndrome that people with crush injuries may suffer from. Compartment syndrome involves the death or permanent damage of nerves, soft tissue, blood vessels and so on. 

In particularly extreme cases, people who have suffered from crush injuries have been forced to have limbs amputated. This is due to the cell death that occurs when oxygenated blood cannot get to an extremity for a long period of time. Additionally, some people find themselves suffering from permanent nerve damage which can lead to a change in sensation or even your ability to move. 

If you have faced any of these issues because of a crush injury received in a crash, compensation might be a possible option for you to look into.