Slipping and falling at a commercial establishment in Ohio generally requires a legal action with strong evidence to recover damages from your injuries. At John Brooks Cameron & Associates, we understand how debilitating an accident is, and that taking time off from work to recuperate may present a serious financial setback for you and your family. While your priority is recovering, ours is to prove the establishment’s negligence so that you may obtain compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. 

As reported by Fox19 News, when a woman fell at an Ohio casino, surveillance cameras captured the incident. The video footage demonstrated how an employee’s negligence contributed to the painful and debilitating accident. Prior to the woman slipping, the casino placed a sign in the area of the fall warning patrons that this particular section had a “wet floor.” The warning sign, however, fell over. 

According to the surveillance footage, an employee walked around the sign prior to the woman’s fall, but failed to pick it up. If the employee had fixed the sign, the woman may not have fallen on the wet floor. Because a business owes its customers a duty to warn of a possible hazard, the jury awarded the woman $3 million in damages. 

Before filing a legal action, it is usually necessary to compile all of your documents such as an incident report, medical records and any notices sent to you in the mail. A manager working for the establishment where your accident occurred may have attempted to get your signature on a waiver that absolves the company from liability. Gathering any facts about the establishment, evidence of your fall or witnesses may help in facilitating your claim. 

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