Having a parent move into a nursing home or another type of long-term care facility can be stressful, especially if your mom or dad becomes somewhat dependent on the staff to help with daily tasks. You are placing your trust in individuals hired to be professional and highly trained to provide your parent with the care needed to continue enjoying life to the fullest. 

Unfortunately, stories of elder abuse and neglect are becoming more prevalent as the number of individuals going into nursing homes increases. It is important that you understand your parent’s rights in the facility so you can alert the proper organization and authorities to correct the facility’s actions and prevent other residents from receiving the same poor treatment. Here are a few common signs of neglect to look for. 

  • Unexplained weight loss 
  • Chronic dehydration 
  • Bedsores 
  • Poor hygiene 
  • Repeated infections or illness without staff reporting it to their doctor 
  • Adult diapers and soiled clothing left unchanged for too long 

Other observations you may want to take note of include rude staff, even staff that does not seem to be present enough. If your parent is unable or unwilling to talk to you about what is occurring in the home, try speaking with other residents and their family members. Preventing further neglect or abuse can improve and save many lives. 

If your parent is in a facility that you believe is not taking proper care of your mother or father or other residents, contact the Ohio Attorney General. If you like, you can also file a complaint with the state Department of Health. There are also Adult Protective Services in most states that can run investigations. If you suspect the situation is much worse and cannot wait for state or federal help, you can begin a lawsuit, just be sure you have the right evidence to support your case.