With Americans living longer than ever these days, more and more of our beloved elderly population is living in assisted living centers and nursing homes. While the majority of these centers in Ohio and across the United States are run well and with pride, there is no denying the fact that nursing home abuse and neglect is a very real problem. However, in order to help protect your loved ones, it is important to know the difference between abuse and neglect. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Center, the main difference between abuse and neglect is that abuse is seen as activities specifically designed to harm the individual, while neglect is a substandard amount or kind of care. 

Abuse is often easier to spot than neglect. The actions of an abuser, however, may not be noticed until serious damage is done. This is particularly salient with financial abuse of elders. 

Neglect is often a little bit harder to recognize, given that it often develops out of an understaffed and overworked nursing facility rather than malice. In neglect cases, the staff of the nursing facility often are not trying to actively cause harm, but the substandard level of care is still harming the patients. Common signs of nursing home neglect may manifest in the occurrence of bed sores, weight loss, frequent falls, or the nursing home resident exhibiting withdrawn behavior. If there is a sudden change in the hygiene of your loved one, that is also a serious indication of potential neglect. 

Paying attention to the facilities themselves is also very important. A facility that exhibits poor lighting, slippery floors, and broken furniture may also have problems with neglect.