Winter is on the way in Ohio, which means snow and ice are sure to follow. During these cold times, car crashes tend to increase. Whether it is because of poor visibility or because of ice on the road, driving conditions always get more dangerous. Today we will look at some things you can do to make driving on icy roads less of a risk. spreads tips on how to drive safely on the ice. The most obvious tip is to avoid driving when it is icy in the first place. However, not everyone has that luxury. Fortunately, there are still actions you can take to protect yourself if you have to hit an icy road.

First, you must handle braking differently. If you brake too hard, your tires will lose traction. Your car will slide on the ice and can crash into another vehicle, a barrier, or anything else. If you do find yourself fishtailing or sliding, try to turn your wheel in the direction your rear is facing. Look where you want the car to go and try to direct it that way. Try not to steer too far, as you may over-correct.

Avoid conditions that make ice even more dangerous. This includes bumpy roads and steep inclines. You should also take care about when and where you stop. Unfortunately, they suggested that you do not stop for stranded vehicles or accidents. This may cause passing drivers to brake and lose control. Additionally, wear a seat belt. This can help keep crashes from having severe injuries as a result.