When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you trust that they will provide them with a reasonable level of care. If they do not and your loved one is seriously injured or passes away as a result of their negligence, you are left to pick up the pieces. According to FindLaw, filing a claim against a nursing home for their abuse of your loved one is a tormenting experience.  You must endure going through every detail of how your loved one lived in pain or suffered because of someone else’s mistakes. 

As you file a claim against the people that hurt your family member, you will be eligible to receive compensation for the costs of abuse to your loved one. However, for many families, this may not be enough. You may also want to pursue pain and suffering compensation. This is called a survival action. A survival claim is a portion of a personal injury lawsuit that addresses the pain your loved one endured. Not all nursing home abuse claims qualify to receive pain and suffering, but many do. 

To find out if your personal injury claim qualifies to receive survival action or pain and suffering on behalf of your loved one, talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer. Your attorney will sit down with you to discuss your claim in detail. During that time, you may need to understand what types of damages may be available to you and what you can expect to receive when you file a claim against the nursing home that caused your family pain.