Roads can be very dangerous for drivers, even in the best of weather. When the weather turns for the worse, however, driving conditions may soon become treacherous and accidents are more likely to occur. While it is a good idea to put off traveling during these conditions as much as possible, that is not always an option for those who have to travel for work.

Long haul truck drivers often have to keep going, regardless of the weather conditions. Unfortunately, this inclement weather can lead to an increase in accidents. Such is the case for a semitrailer carrying fuel on I-75North between Piqua and Troy. According to WHIOTV7, steady snowfall and ice buildup likely caused the accident involving the semitrailer and three passenger vehicles. Fortunately, cable wires prevented the jackknifed semitrailer from crossing into the other lanes of traffic. The passenger cars, however, ended up off the road entirely. None of the parties involved reported injuries, but hazmat units had to clean up the estimated 100 gallons of fuel leaking from the truck. This incident was just one of several crashes reported due to icy road conditions.

People must take great care when driving in precarious conditions. Even the most careful of drivers may end up in a motor vehicle accident when snow and ice are on the roads. For those who sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident, it may be helpful to seek an experienced personal injury attorney. A meeting with a lawyer may be able to shed some light on his or her options for compensation.