Electricity allows a plethora of benefits with one main drawback: danger. When someone does not handle it properly, electricity may lead to severe injury or death. 

Knowing how to stay safe around electricity remains the first line of defense against an injury. We have put together some of the most common ways people find themselves harmed by electricity. Explore how these accidents happen and what may stop them. 


Whether working around a construction site or merely navigating a newly constructed space, take caution around wires. Exposed wires pose many hazards if they make contact with something nearby, especially a person. Even if the belief exists that they do not have an active current, this could lead to injury. Burns and electrical shock may result in primary or secondary contact with wiring. Do not touch wires without the aid of a professional. 


Water conducts electricity, allowing it to flow across distances. On a construction site, a puddle of water next to a tool or other power source may result in disaster. A worker needs only to step in the water to feel the effects of electrical current. As such, exercise caution around water and electricity. 


Bucket trucks, cranes and the like all have extender arms that lift workers high into the air to work. When a piece of equipment strikes an active power line, the electricity flows through the metal of the rig and straight into the ground or any person nearby. The worker in the bucket and the driver may bear the brunt of the electrical current, which results in burns, shock or even death. When in control of equipment, turn off all power sources nearby. 

Electrical accidents result in severe burns and internal organ failure. Click the link here for further insight on the matter.