Electrical hazards are common in all areas of life. While they often are a concern on many worksites, they also are something you want to be aware of in your own home. An electrical shock can be minor or severe. It often depends on the source and the conditions surrounding the incident. 

According to WebMD, you should especially watch children who are at risk of electrical shock from simple household items, such as outlets and electrical cords. Another risk for anyone is lightning, but sources of electricity all have some risk. When you suffer an electrical shock, it can have a terrible effect on the body and cause serious trauma. 

What is looks like 

Often an electrical shock does the most damage inside the body. You will often not see a lot of injury to the skin. However, burns may be visible at the site where the electricity entered the body and the ground area. 

It is also common for there to be secondary injuries. If the force of the shock throws a person, he or she could have secondary injuries from the fall. If there was an explosion, then there is the potential for other injuries. 

Possible injuries 

More often, the injuries from an electrical shock happen inside the body. You may feel pain in your extremities. You could be suffering from muscle contractions or a broken bone. You may also have damage to internal organs, such as the heart. It is not uncommon for a strong shock to bring about cardiac arrest. You could also suffer a brain injury.