Ohio residents face many dangers any time they hit the road. Drowsy drivers are only one of these dangers. But drowsy driving is an act that may cause more damage than you think. 

We will look at the true impact drowsy driving has on road safety today. Not only will we see how it affects other drivers. We will also see why it is still an ongoing and even growing issue. 

How many people drive tired? 

The National Sleep Foundation ran a poll once. In this poll, a shocking 60 percent of all Americans polled admitted to driving while tired. 37 percent even admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. Why is this such a widespread problem? For many, this is because they think drowsy driving is an acceptable behavior. At the very least, they do not think it is too risky. Many drivers claim they have driven drowsy with no repercussions or know someone who has. This creates a false sense of safety. 

How does exhaustion affect the body? 

In reality, many drowsy drivers end up in crashes. This is because drowsiness affects drivers like alcohol does. Their responses slow. They cannot react to danger fast enough. They are unable to keep a good eye on their surroundings. This is why so many crashes with drowsy drivers are rear-end collisions. A car stops, and the drowsy driver behind them does not notice in time. 

The biggest risk is a drowsy driver falling asleep at the wheel. In these accidents, a driver may drift across a barrier into oncoming traffic. These crashes often come with severe injury or fatality. This is even more true if it takes place on a highway where speeds are high. 

Understanding the risk of drowsy driving will encourage drivers to avoid it. In avoiding it, less drowsy drivers are on the road. This can create a safer environment for everyone.