If you purchase a product, use it according to the instructions and suffer an injury, then you may have a product liability case. According to Cornell Law School, damages caused by a faulty product leave the manufacturer, assembler and seller liable. 

You may suffer an injury due to different types of product defects, which include manufacturing, design and marketing. 

Manufacturing defects 

Manufacturing defects are those that involve a mistake during the construction of the product. It could be an error, such as forgetting to install a screw in a mechanical product. Any defect that is due to the production of a product may occur in all units the company creates or only in random products. 

Design defects 

This type of defect originates with the person who creates the initial blueprint for the product. If you have this type of defect, it means that regardless of manufacturing or other details, the product would always be faulty because the overall idea did not work. With a design default, every product is faulty because the problem started with the initial creation and not during other parts of the process. 

Marketing defects 

Marketing defects include issues with instructions and warnings. For example, if the instruction on how to use a product fails to include a crucial step, then this is a marketing defect. The products must also include warnings about how not to use it or that refer to inherent risks of using the product, and if a company fails to issue these warnings, it opens the door for potential injuries. It is up to the company to know what warnings to include.