Drownings and other pool-related accidents take many lives each year. As the owner, it is up to you to institute rules about the use of your pool to help prevent such accidents. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that if you have children who will swim in the pool that you make sure they know how to swim. You can ensure your own children take lessons and suggest to other parents to teach their children to swim as well. Having these skills makes a child more at ease in the water and more aware of risky behaviors. 

Put barriers in place 

You should make sure nobody can get into your pool without your knowledge. To do this, install a fence around the pool area with a locking gate. Also, use pool alarms so that you know the minute someone breaks the water’s surface. 

Always have an adult supervising 

Make a strict rule that children are to never be in the pool without an adult outside. Set severe consequences for those who break the rule. It is much better for a child to suffer a punishment than an injury because he or she did not follow the rules. 

Check your drain covers 

Drains can suck in hair, clothing and even limbs, holding a person under the water and making it impossible to escape. Make sure that your drain covers are in good condition and work properly. Also, warn swimmers about where the drains are and to stay away from them. You can also install safety covers that help keep swimmers from getting too close.