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Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Medina, Ohio

Businesses must provide safe work environments. Safety regulations exist for exactly this reason. And companies must hold insurance for workers who sustain injuries during their duties. As a worker, workers’ compensation benefits are a right, not a handout.

The attorneys at John Brooks Cameron & Associates combine for decades of legal experience with a broad knowledge base and a compassionate approach. Get much-needed compensation while you recover.

If You Were Injured On the Job

Every workers’ compensation case is different. It may be that a faulty tool or bad workplace policies led to your injury. Perhaps you sustained injuries while driving a vehicle for job duties. Regardless of how you sustain your injury while at work, your employer may be reluctant to allow the full extent of your workers’ compensation claim.

We take your case seriously and collect all relevant evidence and testimony. Your case affects your life, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. You can contact our office in Medina by calling us, emailing us, or completing our online intake form, Schedule a free in-depth consultation and case review.